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A quick show recorded while walking through the neighborhood.  I have a simple question and need some answers (simple or otherwise.)

If you found yourself transported back in time 50 years... what would you do?  You have no new technology on you and only what is in your brain.

You have options for giving me your feedback:

  • Give your feedback on the website in the comments (http://www.ridingwiththewindowdown.com)
  • Give your feedback on the website using the voicemail button on the right side of every screen (http://www.ridingwiththewindowdown.com) records up to 90 seconds
  • Give your feedback on the voicemail line (713-568-6361)  records up to three minutes
  • Shoot me an email 
  • Grab me in person and tell me what you would do

If I hear nothing... I will kill the show and not proceed.  If I get any kind of feedback, I will put out more.



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