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In this episode of the Little Texas Cottage Podcast, Chris sits down with Chris Maxwell-Gaines of Innovative Water Solutions. IWS is who we have chosen to install our rainwater collection system.  These guys are hands-down the best at what they do as they have been way ahead of the water issues in Texas.  Chris started IWS ten years ago this month in a visionary step to bring his passion for rainwater collection to Texas.

Clay discusses the what and why of collecting rainwater.

Guest - Chris Maxwell-Gaines Innovative Water Solutions

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In this episode of the Little Texas Cottage Podcast, Chris sits down with Clay Sheffield of The Cool Dude Air Conditioning & Heating.  Clay will be providing the HVAC system in our house and there have been some major changes in the A/C world that have made units quite a bit more efficient.

Clay talks about the American Standard unit that will be going into this house.

Guest - Clay Sheffield The Cool Dude AC & Heating

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Chris & Dawn Doelle - Little Texas Cottage

Welcome to the very first episode of the Little Texas Cottage podcast.  In this series, we will discuss anything and everything related to building our green dream in Central Texas.

The obvious place to start was with the source and inspiration for the entire project, my wife, Dawn Doelle.  I could explain what makes this story, our story, so unique but not nearly as well as she does.  Give a listen as Dawn breaks down what we are doing.

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First off, I have to apologize again for the very OLD intro music - I haven't lived in Houston for more than seven years.  I promise I will get a new intro made eventually.

In this episode of Riding with the window down... I decided to crank out a quick show based on a conversation I had about what made Texas men different.  As I state in the show, there will be plenty of folks out there who disagree and I'm cool with that.

Let me know what you think.

(Time: 6:08)

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