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This one features Cody Marx Bailey discussing self-custody your crypto. If you have your coins on exchanges like Coinbase, Robinhood etc., this is for you. Why you should and how to do it. This was from an impromptu webinar Cody presented and is extremely important as crypto starts to gain traction and the pressure we put on governments increases. 



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Paul Heckmann sat down with Billy Bob Harris - a roommate and biz partner with former Cowboy and Bronco BB Craig Morton. Billy Bob was quoted numerous times by Don Meredith on Monday Night Football and one of Kenny Rogers (singer) best friends. He is best known though for making connections.

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Calvin Murray

Season 3 - Episode 1

Texas Legacy Support Network

This episode of the TLSN Show is made possible by the generous support of Pat Frost of Frost Bank.

Texas Legacy Support Network

The Texas Legacy Support Network is a 501 c3 non-profit formed to help former University of Texas athletes. The funds raised by TLSN are used to offer temporary financial support to former qualifying student-athletes, managers, trainers, and their immediate family’s.

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